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Back at it again!!

Hello Chroniclers! Welcome back to the blog, I hope everyone reading has been safe and dry. With all of this severe weather that’s swept the state over the past week, it’s made coming into campus quite the challenge and has forced me into remote learning for half of the week. I was lucky enough to be on campus for Monday’s class which saw us given the task of creating a radio ad for a brand new invention. It requires us to record vocals using a condenser mic and is a good activity to adapt into my teaching one day as it is a good introductory to vocal recording for aspiring singers. Understanding a DAW as well as getting to know different microphones and how to use them, is a great skill to have as a young student. My partner and I decided on our latest invention “The Floor Length, Draw String Umbrella”. We’ve made some great progress on our script and are hoping to incorporate some accompanying music and sound effects!

Wednesdays composition class saw the class learning remotely due to the severe weather. James tasked us with creating a “two-note jam” on Soundtrap, a website I was not too familiar with. However, it was quite simple to use and would be ideal for secondary students who were being introduced to this kind of website/software. It was a very simple yet engaging task that had us copying the tracks he had already put into place except we got to experiment with the sounds that we wanted which left us with room to be creative and try and make a unique song.

I went for a bluesy/neo-soul sound with a heavy emphasis on Rhodes sounds as well as some rnb drum patterns. This combined with some jazz guitar and a keyboard solo left me with a fun and funky song. The task was engaging and saw the class engaging in compositional techniques and would be a great activity to do with secondary school students.

My finished task
Listen to it now!!

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