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An inside listen to “Agapi & Other Kinds of Love”

Hello Chroniclers! Back at it again, and this time I’ll be giving my insight on a live listen-in to one of Jame’s upcoming shows “Agapi & Other Kinds of Love.” This was a really different experience for me, there was a lot going on and there were a lot of interesting things happening! One thing that really piqued my interest was the blend of technology and live instruments to create a great and authentic sound. Luca Lesson’s poetry was fantastic and really got me rethinking composition as a whole. It was very interesting to be in that setting just being passive and listening and taking everything in, listening to this hip-hop, rap, poetry, and theatre all being blended to create this unique sound, really challenged my perception of composition!

Luca Lesson, the man behind “Agapi & Other Kinds of Love”. 

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