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Mixed Bag Arrangement!

Now full disclosure. I have not done composition since year 11! :0 ( OMG I just realised that was 7 years ago and now I feel super old). It’s the main reason why I chose composition as my specialisation as it is probably the main thing I feel like I would need to work on With me (hopefully) going into a secondary school setting, I feel like this would be a very important skill for me to start brushing up on!

If I’m honest, this class has changed my perception of composing, I now see composing that I shouldn’t dread, in fact, it’s something that I now look forward to, and I never thought I’d see the day. So for that, I am forever grateful!

Now! onto my mixed bag arrangement. For this task, I picked one of my favourite songs. “Redbone” by Childish Gambino. I chose this song because I thought it leaned into an ostinato which would be great for students to pick up. I also chose it due to its popularity amongst young students as a fantastic pop/rnb song.

When providing my draft for the workshop, the arrangement was near finished. It needed some tidying of course and a slight adjustment of course. But it was so enriching hearing it all through live instruments when workshopping it! I also forgot to transpose it for non-C instruments. -_-

Listen to the full workshop here!!

All of this was vital to the finished product as it was able to be refined further!

Listen to the final prodcut here!!

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