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Hello again!! Welcome back!

This class saw us analysing songs that young people enjoy listening to. There were many examples from Lizzo, Kendrick Lamar, Dua Lipa, and even a mash-up of Britney Spears and Genuwine that took over TikTok!. Listen to some of their works here!

We then were given the following task:

Let’s try out the first 3 steps of the formula in-class. Individually, below, complete:

  1. Find a subgenre that students find relevant and engaging and identify its tropes: characteristic tempo, drum sounds, synth sounds, typical song form, and so on.
  2. Make a sample project incorporating the most important tropes and using the smaller number of new techniques possible.
  3. Break the project into discreet stages with a specific deliverable for each stage (a set of drum loops, three song sections, etc.).

For this activity, I picked “The Heart Part 5” by Kendrick Lemar, which had been released that day (couldn’t get any newer right?) and here were thr tropes that I found.

Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 5

The video is such an experience in itself!!

Sub Genre:

Experimental hip hop, progressive rap, conscious hip hop, jazz rap, G-funk, neo-soul


  • Good flow
  • Good rhymes
  • Sometimes political lyrics
  • 70s/80s instrumentation
  • Soul feeling
  • Poetic
  • Artistic music
  • strong bass lines
  • Prominent drum beat (Latin drums in this case)
  • Fusion of styles

I was doing so well and even began working on the following week having a kind of Latin drums going over a bass line. Everything was looking so bright. Until my good friend ‘Ableton’ just said “Nah, you’re done”.

‘Ableton Live’ is the guy in blue 😦

Without explanation, it was just gone. All of my progress was lost and all hope caused to dissipate.

But. As Peter Drury said on the final day of the Premier League 2021/2022, Manchester City vs Aston Villa match. After Man City had scored 3 goals in approximately 5 minutes to win the league. “FROM THE BRINK OF DESPAIR!!…….ELATION!”

Pure poetry in motion! and these words perfectly described the feeling when the lifeline was given to me by Breanne, letting me tag along in her imagine dragons project, which was so good! Massive shout out to her she saved the day for me!!

You can check out her blog here!!!:

And she speaks about this project in more depth here:


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