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Where have I been??

So much for “weekly” blogs. Firstly an apology for not staying consistent with these blogs, it’s been a very busy semester for me and I simply fell behind, again I’m sorry for that. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t catch you up on what’s been happening with me, uni, and my personal journey of learning throughout this first semester of my master’s degree!

So much has happened from the finalisation of my unreliable product ad, learning more about composition, getting into the specialisation assessments, and making our own project for students.

So, we should probably take it from the top. Shall we?

The unreliable product ad had my partner and I (during the crazy weather that took over Sydney) thinking of a practical idea that would’ve helped us during this time. We settled on a “floor-length drawstring umbrella” (boy that’s a mouthful of a name). once we had the idea, we began working on a script and thought about what musical elements we should incorporate into it. My idea was rather than just talking, to create a jingle so that we could create interest and add our personal flair to it. My idea was to have an emotional and dark intro to the jingle, signifying the rain and then it getting more uplifting because of our life-changing invention. Now when trying to work out how to convey this I was searching for some reference songs and came across “Spectre” by Radiohead.

This song was everything I was looking for in my ad, so I thought to myself, why not just create a parody song? using the instrumental from Spectre and creating lyrics about the product to use for the ad.

My only adversity when completing this task was my issue with ‘Ableton Live’, and it would be the main criticism I have of Kuhn and Hein’s activity. I’ll talk about that more in-depth later on! but I feel like it would be a bit too much to ask for students who have never dealt with a DAW to jump into Ableton rather than a more user-friendly program like GarageBand.

Here it is!! My unreliable product ad, Whilst I am not thrilled with the audio quality (Headphone mics were being used), I am happy with the overall product that my partner and I were able to produce. The use of rain sound effects and the use of an echo for dramatic effect enhanced the ad greatly I feel!!

It’s good to be back!! I’ll be smashing all of these remaining blog posts out (it’s the least I can do) So stay tuned and take care Chroniclers!!


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