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  • Watermelon Sugar Cover – By Alexandro Lecca
    Hello guys!! So for this assessment, I was required to create a cover of a song from the last 4 years and create some tutorial videos for you guys so that you may be able to do it also!! Hope you enjoy 🙂 I played a pretty simplified version of these 4 parts in order […]
  • Last but certainly not least. An evening with special guest speaker Racheal Dwyer
    This was our final class on music teacher identity for the semester. We were lucky enough to be treated to a guest speaker by the name of Racheal Dwyer. Like the classes before it, we had tough conversations about race, gender, sex, and socio-economic status in the music industry and classroom. There was a lot […]
  • Here’s to a Week 8 that is so great that I definitely didn’t hate!
    Hello again!! Welcome back 🙂 Firstly a disclaimer. I don’t hate any of my classes, however, we started this week off with some content that I am not great with, and as a result, I don’t really enjoy doing it. This was sightreading. The activity for me was very interesting and quite difficult in my […]
  • Wait, we’re in week 7 now??
    Okay so, we kind of didn’t touch this kind of stuff for 6 weeks as we shifted focus to the very fun and practical teaching styles of Kodaly and Orff-Keetman. But, we have carried on with the confrontational discussions that I feel are designed to make us think and ponder our teaching methods. This class […]
  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back! Music Teacher Identity Week 1
    Hello again and welcome back to semester 2! I’m very happy to be continuing this journey with you and sharing my experiences and any knowledge learned along the way. These blogs will be related to music teacher identity and what that means and entails. We start our journey this semester in week 1. It was […]
  • A final reflection
    After what has been a very busy and challenging year, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I have grown so much over the past few months as a musician, pre-service teacher, and person. This semester has been quite eye-opening, I didn’t identify as a composer at all or someone who was very […]
  • Composition Assessment task
    I have decided to add my composition assessment journal to my blog. I think it’s good to see my progression and compositional process, as well as use this to track how far I have come since the beginning of the class! Hope you all enjoy it! Some context on the task: Follow your own “baby […]
  • Technology Infused Project
    Hello, everyone Alex and Dean here!! Very excited to be sharing with you our technology-infused project which we have decided to do together. Our idea is simple, combine both of our specialisations (Composition and Technology) in order to create a project that explores them both in further depth and be used as a scaffold for […]
  • Pitch a project & do it yourself!
    Hello again!! Welcome back! This class saw us analysing songs that young people enjoy listening to. There were many examples from Lizzo, Kendrick Lamar, Dua Lipa, and even a mash-up of Britney Spears and Genuwine that took over TikTok!. Listen to some of their works here! We then were given the following task: Let’s try […]
  • Baby Steps Assessment
    Task 2 saw me have to write (digital) content that scaffolds (“baby steps”) composition for students based on a model of my own choice. For this assessment, I decided to model my baby steps on the hit song “My Future” by Billie Eilish. This was an interesting assessment as I had never done anything like […]
  • Mixed Bag Arrangement!
    Now full disclosure. I have not done composition since year 11! :0 ( OMG I just realised that was 7 years ago and now I feel super old). It’s the main reason why I chose composition as my specialisation as it is probably the main thing I feel like I would need to work on […]
  • An inside listen to “Agapi & Other Kinds of Love”
    Hello Chroniclers! Back at it again, and this time I’ll be giving my insight on a live listen-in to one of Jame’s upcoming shows “Agapi & Other Kinds of Love.” This was a really different experience for me, there was a lot going on and there were a lot of interesting things happening! One thing […]
  • Where have I been??
    So much for “weekly” blogs. Firstly an apology for not staying consistent with these blogs, it’s been a very busy semester for me and I simply fell behind, again I’m sorry for that. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t catch you up on what’s been happening with me, uni, and my personal journey of learning […]
  • Back at it again!!
    Hello Chroniclers! Welcome back to the blog, I hope everyone reading has been safe and dry. With all of this severe weather that’s swept the state over the past week, it’s made coming into campus quite the challenge and has forced me into remote learning for half of the week. I was lucky enough to […]
  • Welcome Back!
    Hello everyone and welcome back to ‘The Alexandro Chronicles’. I hope everyone reading had a good week and is excited to read some more about my insights into my experiences at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music! My first class this week taught me a few valuable lessons. The first one is to make sure you […]
  • Hello World!
    Hello!! First official blog post and I could not be more excited to share my first initial thoughts and experiences relating to my first few introductory lessons at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. It was initially quite daunting, but after feeling welcomed and settling in, I was able to start doing some work on Ableton […]

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